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Baringo County is centrally located and is bordering eight counties with an estimated population of 5 million people. With two trading blocs, North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) and the Amaya Triangle Initiative (AMI), Baringo is properly positioned to tap in to immense investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture and agri-business, trade, manufacturing commercial forestry (lumbering), clean and renewable energy among others.

To spur trade and enterprise development amongst our residents, we shall improve women and youth kitty to boost small and medium enterprise run by our women and youth. We intend to marshal our residents to join SACCOs and embrace the culture of saving so as to improve their wellbeing through acquiring loans for the development of their identified projects in agribusiness and other entrepreneurship ventures.

The establishment and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) a major step towards addressing the rising unemployment of our youth. Through providing information on access to opportunities and capacity building, the business community and entrepreneurs be able manage and grow their own enterprises. Plans are underway to establish an automated business centre which will be a one stop shop for those seeking information on investment opportunities in Baringo County.

We shall upscale upwards our budgetary allocation for SMEs and assist our enterprising residents to strengthen linkages with financial service providers for them offer loans to traders in the micro enterprise sector as well as encourage internal resource mobilization among traders and develop proposals for funding. This will not only encourage more people, more so the youth to venture into business, but also enable the traders develop and expand their business, thereby creation jobs and wealth.

We are very determined to clear any bottle necks which includes and not limited to insufficient capital, lack of proper knowledge on market dynamics, inadequate training thus leading to skills shortage and lack of marketing skills that deter the growth of this very critical sector of our economy where majority of our young people earn their daily bread.

The department will develop training manuals for skills enhancement and also facilitate our residents to attend exhibition and trade fairs, initiating exchange programs between the traders in the County and their more established counterparts from and around the globe so that they can benefit from knowledge transfers.

The MSME sector will play a big role in bringing into fruition the aspirations of Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda, manufacturing, housing, health care, and food security, since they are the ones engaged in the informal economy that offers source of livelihoods for millions of Kenyans. The success of the manufacturing sector which firmly hinged on vibrant MSMEs for example, will unlock job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youth

Investment Opportunities

Ideal areas of investment are in Value addition: Processing of meat, Leather development-tanning and spinoff cottage industries, feed lots and ranching, manufacture of livestock feeds, dairy processing plants, honey refineries, small holder dairy equipments (milking machines, chaff cutters) irrigation infrastructure and accessories, cold storage facilities, product packaging branding and warehousing.

Another field is in the geothermal energy and harnessing of solar energy. The belt of Paka hills, Silale, Korosi in Tiaty and Bartabwa in Baringo North has high potential in geothermal capacity and rich deposits of high grade diatomite. Long term and capital intensive investments on a tripartite agreements between the County government, National government and the investor is best suited for this level of investment.

Welcome and invest in Baringo-the County of Great Diversity.

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