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The County Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning plays a pivotal role as it is charged with the responsibility of managing county finances.

This encompasses mobilizing local resources through revenue collection and additional support from partners to finance county government budgetary requirements, procuring goods and services for the county government, development planning and monitoring & evaluation of County projects. The Department also formulates, implements and monitors economic policies involving expenditure and revenue to ensure balanced, sustainable socioeconomic development.

In carrying out this mandate as a department we pledge to be efficient, effective and exercise austerity, transparency and fiscal discipline in financial management.


Planning: Why the CIDP?

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 ushered in devolution with the expectation of having the most transformative impact on governance, public administration and resource management across the country. County Governments are required to prepare five-year County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) to guide planning and budgeting activities at the county level.

Article 220(2) of the Constitution states that the National government shall prescribe the structure of development plans and budgets for counties. Article 201 further sets out the principles of public finance that should be adhered to. These principles include accountability, openness, public participation and promotion of an equitable society. The County Government Act 2012, in fulfillment of the constitutional requirement to legislate preparation of county plans, details the goals and procedures of “County Planning” (Part XI of the Act). County planners are required to prepare 5-year integrated county development plans and the annual county budgets to implement them as per section 108 (1) of the Act.  

In Section 102(h) of the Act, county planning is expected “to provide a platform for unifying planning, budgeting, financing programmes, implementation, and performance review”. A county planning unit shall be responsible for “coordinated integrated development planning”. County plans will have the goal of promoting harmony with national and other county plans, land-use plans, urban planning and environmental conservation.

The first generation CIDP 2013-2017 will lapse on 30th June 2018 thus paving way for the second generation CIDP 2018-2022 that will take effect from 1st July 2018- 30th June 2023.

Baringo County CIDP is aligned to the Governor’s seven pillar manifesto, the Jubilee Government big four agenda which are affordable housing, universal health care, manufacturing and food security, national plans like the Kenya Vision 2030, its Medium-Term Plans and the National Spatial Plan as well as to international commitments for instance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union Agenda 2063. This harmony ensures that there is synergy in delivering development agenda right from the county, national and international levels while taking cognizant of scarce resources and avoids duplication of roles.

The County Government of Baringo kick started the development process of the CIDP 2018-2022 on 19th December 2017 in a forum officiated by Governor Stanley Kiptis at the Kenya School of Government –Kabarnet. A detailed road map towards achieving a people driven, realistic and time bound plan was tabled by the department of Treasury and Economic Planning, which by law, is mandated to midwife the process.

National Government’s Ministry of Devolution and Planning in collaboration with the County Governments and other stakeholders prepared and disseminated Guidelines for Preparation of the document. In order to take into account lessons learnt from implementation of the first generation CIDPs and the new emerging issues as well as alignment to international commitments, the Ministry came up with new guidelines. The revised Guidelines will assist counties in preparing their CIDPs and will also serve as a reference point in county development planning and budgeting processes.

The budgeting process is anchored in the plan as the Annual Development Plans (ADPs), draws its programmes from it, in other words, the CIDP is comprised of five ADPs. It therefore calls for a meticulous and transparent process because in an event that should a slight omission occurs during the development process of the CIDP, it would have adverse effects on the overall execution and resource allocation of the plan. It is on this basis that the County Government appointed a secretariat that will oversee the entire process of coming up the second generation CIDP that will be launched upon completion.

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